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OK Computer...er...Google. Dissecting Google Assistant (Part 1)



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A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about some research I conducted on Android Auto, and I mentioned there was some interesting data left behind by Google Assistant when using Android Auto. Based on what I found there, I decided to go further down the virtual assistant rabbit hole to see what I could find.

As far as virtual assistants go, I use Siri. When I had a newborn, Siri was used a lot. In addition to turning on/off lights or playing music, I used Siri to turn on certain appliances (via smart plugs), respond to texts, and make phone calls as my hands were usually holding a baby or trying to do something for/to/with a baby. Siri was really helpful then. Siri is still useful, but, nowadays, my primary use of Siri is in the car. There are times where I still yell at my phone or HomePod to find a TV show, play a song, turn on a light, or answer a quick math question. For other things such as search and typing a message (outside of the car), I’m old fashioned.


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